7 Smells That Mice and Rats Hate

7 Smells That Mice and Rats Hate | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Wondering if you have a mouse or rat in your house? Check for droppings, scampering noises, urine odors, or gnaw marks. Those are just a few of the signs that these little creatures are present in your home. Once you are sure and want to get rid of them, you might want to try these simple tricks by AnimalWised. This will teach you the 7 smells that mice and rats hate.


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You can get rid of them by placing these products near areas where they roam around. These remedies are not harmful to these little creatures, so if you don’t want to use any chemicals, these are great options. Some people also live with one or more mice. If you are one of them, make sure you keep them away from these odors.

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1 – Urine of other animals

Due to their small size, they are easy prey for different animals including your household pets like dogs and cats. They will try to stay away from any places where there are predators.

2 – Hot sauce

Mice hate hot sauce or chili peppers in general. This is because it contains capsaicinoids natural compounds responsible for giving the spicy effect that leads to an irritating reaction in the olfactory glands as well as burning in the taste buds.

Hot sauce and chili pepper
Image by AnimalWised via Youtube

3 – Mint

Mint plants have menthol and organic compounds responsible for fresh and invigorating aromas. It acts as a repellent for mice as it irritates the nostrils of rats and mice, so they move away from it.

4 – Ammonia and chlorine

Due to the irritating effects and the danger of death that its ingestion represents, mice and rats flee from these chemicals. They will also die from chlorine if they ingest large amounts.

Ammonia and chlorine
Image by AnimalWised via Youtube

5 – Perfumes and alcohol

Perfumes and alcohol often contain sulfur. They have pleasant aromas that are pleasant for humans but unbearable for most animals including mice and rats.

6 – Naphthalene

It is an aromatic hydrocarbon that has a pungent odor which is why it is unbearable for rats and mice as well as being toxic and lethal when ingested. It can also be toxic to dogs, cats, and children so be extra careful when using it.

7 – Vinegar

Rats and mice are highly susceptible to vinegar as it contains acetic acid. Once you locate feces and droppings, mix a little water with vinegar in a glass and clean the areas with it. You can also soak cotton balls in vinegar and place them in areas where they appear.


7 Smells That Mice and Rats Hate


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