17 Amazing Time Saving Sewing Hacks That You May Have Never Thought Of!

17 Amazing Time Saving Sewing Hacks That You May Have Never Thought Of! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I’m always open to sewing tips that will save time and get me from point A to point B a lot faster…aren’t you? Nadira037 shows us some brilliant ideas that will save us all time when sewing!


I’ve listed a few of her ideas, which she’s included in her tutorial and this is great advice!

  • Use clips or paper clips to keep pieces of leather held together. You cannot use pins because it will leave holes in the fabric and can damage it, so paperclips are the perfect solution.
  • Use hairspray to get the tip of your thread to stay straight.
  • Use washers (from the hardware store) as pattern weights.
  • It’s important to keep your scissors sharp, and it can make a huge difference for your sewing projects. To easily sharpen your sewing scissors, use them to cut foil. This hack is quick, easy, and really helpful!
  • To make sure your measurements are always correct, attach a tape measure to the end or side of your table.
  • When you have dull straight pins that are difficult to work with, try putting them in a piece of bar soap and then they will go through your fabric a lot easier.
  • When you need a seam allowance, all you have to do is rubber band two pencils together! They will be about 8 mm apart and should work well.

To see the rest of her great ideas, watch this step by step tutorial and get yourself ahead of your game! Happy sewing!

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