15 Things Your Kitchen Doesn’t Need

15 Things Your Kitchen Doesn’t Need | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Tired of seeing a cluttered kitchen? This may be a sign for you to remove all the things you no longer need. I know decluttering can be an overwhelming task. It’s hard to know where to start, especially if you have accumulated a ton of things at home. Storage spaces are full of plates, pans, and glasses, and countertops are filled with appliances and utensils, making your kitchen look messy.


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Even if everything is organized, having a lot of things to look at will create stress hormones in your brain. I know some of us may have a hard time letting go of items, but you can’t have a clean, functional, and intentional kitchen if you don’t get rid of things that no longer serve you. Let The Minimal Mom help you declutter your kitchen with this list. Here are 15 things your kitchen doesn’t need.

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15 Things in Your Kitchen to Get Rid of Right Now

1 – Rugs and anti-fatigue mats

Most of us don’t have extra time to vacuum or shake them.

2 – Anything on the front of your fridge

Over time the things on your fridge just reads as clutter to your brain. Clutter releases stress hormones into our brains.

3 – Counter top knife block

Keeping your countertop nice and clear is a kindness to your brain. There are many options for knife blocks nowadays that can go inside a drawer.

4 – Utensil caddy

Store your utensils in a drawer using a utensil caddy.

5 – Duplicate utensils

Get rid of all the duplicates. You don’t need multiples of the same utensil.

How to Declutter Kitchen
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6 – Kitchen gadgets

Take a look around your kitchen and if you have gadgets that require more work to clean than to use, let them go.

7 – Small appliances

Take a look at your small appliances. Are there things that you have purchased that you never used? Move it out.

8 – Unused baking dishes and pans

Do you have any that are just too heavy so you find yourself not using them? Are there duplicates? If you are no longer baking and still have baking pans, might as well move that stuff out.

How to Organize Kitchen
Image by The Minimal Mom via YouTube

9 – Extra serving dishes

You have the permission to let go of pieces of your serving dishes that you never used and that aren’t practical.

10 – Old and worn out linens

If you have any towels or dish cloths that are kid of worn out, it’s time to get rid of them and buy new ones.



15 Things Your Kitchen Doesn’t Need

15 Things Your Kitchen Doesn't Need

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