11 Drinks That Will Help You Live Longer

11 Drinks That Will Help You Live Longer | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Bestie via Youtube


Are you looking for healthy drinks to go into your diet? These healthy drinks from Bestie on Youtube can actually help you live longer. Aside from eating healthy and exercising, we should also pay close attention to what we drink. Watch the video below to learn these and share it with your friends and family. 


#1 Golden Milk

Also goes by the name turmeric latte, this drink is the most soothing and relaxing drink to have before bedtime. Simply boil some milk with freshly ground or powdered turmeric. Make sure you sprinkle a pinch of black pepper so it can help absorb the turmeric into your system. Put in a bit of cinnamon but you can also spin between brown sugar, honey, and table sugar.

Drinking golden milk will help you live longer
Image credits: Bestie via Youtube

#2 Bitter Gourd Juice

This juice can be really helpful for diabetics as it has insulin-like properties to get that crazy blood sugar under control. It’s also loaded with vitamins A and C. LEmons and oranges have much less vitamin C compared to this vegetable.

#3 Wheatgrass Juice

It’s full of nutrients and minerals that can protect your immune system during a crisis. It’s made from the grass of the wheat plant. Chlorophyll, flavonoids, and vitamin C are at their peak in the baby wheat plant.

#4 Mushroom Tea

It’s as simple as steeping that mushroom powder in hot water and enjoying that refreshing drink. Adaptogens are powerful compounds in mushrooms that can cure anything from headaches to stress. Try drinking a cup of mushroom tea the next time you’re stressed at work, it will calm your nervous system and make you feel relaxed.


#5 Red Wine

You’re allowed to drink a glass of red wine a day. This can give fewer heart attacks, prevent cancer, and help you live longer. It can even make you look younger. A compound called resveratrol helps slow down that aging process.

#6 Coffee

A study shows that even if you consume decaffeinated coffee, you can avoid certain diseases. Caffeine actually does more for your body than just giving you an energy kick. It’s a known agent that reduces inflammation. Having regular coffee can fight liver cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, colon cancer, stroke, and heart disease.

#7 Avocado Smoothie

Avocados are great for your eyes and can keep macular degeneration away. It can also help you lose weight due to the unsaturated fats. It can reduce your cholesterol level and keep heart disease away.

#8 Coconut Water

Tender coconut water will have micro minerals and nutrients that are vital for human health. It also has antibacterial, and disease-fighting properties. It can hydrate your cells and make you feel replenished.

#9 Fruit Juice

Tomato juice can decrease the risk of cancer and heart disease according to a study. They’re also loaded with beta-carotene, lycopene, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Pomegranate and blueberry juice, on the other hand, are filled with flavonoids and antioxidants.

#10 Kombucha

This drink is a mixture of water, tea sugar, and microorganisms that are allowed to ferment. After 10 to 12 days, the microorganisms are removed, and the drink is set aside to get that tangy, fuzzy flavor. Studies revealed that this drink contains antioxidants and anticancer properties.

#11 Water

Drinking water can be the answer to almost every problem in your system. Water is important to transfer oxygen, carry nutrients, and flush toxins out of your body. It’s important to maintain electrolyte balance and blood pressure if it spikes up. It will also give you clear skin and help empty your gut.

Drinking water can help you live longer
Image credits: Bestie via Youtube

11 Drinks That Will Help You Live Longer

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