11 Secret BBQ Tips From A Grill Master

11 Secret BBQ Tips From A Grill Master | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Scrumdiddlyumptious via Youtube


Do you love grilling? But hate all the hassle part of it? Then these eleven secret tips from Scrumdiddlyumptious on Youtube will make you fall in love with grilling all over again! I love grilling, especially when there’s a family gathering or a get-together with friends. It’s also a good bonding activity, so I’m happy that I can across these super helpful tips – from a grill master itself! Watch the video below and learn these time-saving tips for your next grill night.



  • potato
  • fork
  • ice cube
  • apple juice
  • charcoal
  • rosemary
  • onion
  • sausage
  • lemons
  • aluminum foil
  • old newspaper


Step 1

The first trick is the potato trick. First, cut your potato in half, then pierce half of it with a fork. Rub it all over the hot surface of the grill. The starch that was being released from the potato creates a natural, non-stick coating. The second trick is the ice cube trick. Insert an ice cube into the center of a burger patty. As the patty grills, the ice cube will melt and all the moisture will be absorbed by the patty. To level things up, put some butter on top too. The third trick is the apple juice trick. If you want some juicy steak, spray some apple juice into the steak before grilling it. The fourth trick is the coal trick. Getting the right temperature of the coal can be pretty tricky. To know if the temperature is right, hold your hand about 6 inches above the barbeque grate. If it’s too hot, spread out the coals on the grill. It’s the right temperature if you can hold your hand above for four seconds. The fifth trick is the rosemary trick. In doing kebabs, instead of the traditional skewers, stack up the veggies and meat in a rosemary sprig and throw them on a grill. This will also give extra flavors to the kebabs. The sixth trick is the 3-zone fire trick. To do this, divide the grill into 3 zones. The hottest zone (which has the most amount of coals), the medium zone (which has evenly dispersed coals), and the no coal zone. Doing this gives you complete control of the grill’s temperature.

Apple hack for grilling steak
Image credits:
Scrumdiddlyumptious via Youtube


Step 2

Moving on with the seventh trick, which is the onion trick. Tired of leftover bits of food that won’t come off of the grate? Bring out some onion then cut it in half. Stab the half onion with a fork and use it to clean off the grate. The eighth trick is the sausage trick. When grilling sausage, don’t poke it with a fork. This will cause the sausage to lose its flavor because all the juice will drip out. The ninth trick is the lemonade trick. Cut some lemons into halves, dip them in sugar, then grill them for about 10 minutes. After this, squeeze the juice into a pitcher, then throw in some fresh lemon slices. The tenth trick is the resting trick. Instead of eating the steak straight after it’s done grilling, cover it with an aluminum foil and let it rest for a good 1-2 minutes. This will help to lock in the moisture of the steak. And last but not the least, the newspaper trick. Instead of scrubbing off a dirty grate, wrap it around with some old newspaper. Soak it in water and let it rest overnight.

Foil hack for grilling steak
Image credits: Scrumdiddlyumptious via Youtube

11 Secret BBQ Tips From A Grill Master

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