10 Clever Ways to Hide Money in Gifts

10 Clever Ways to Hide Money in Gifts | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Specific Love Creations via Youtube


If you always end up just giving money as a gift, Specific Love Creations on YouTube has some creative ways for you to give bills creatively without simply handing them over. From balloons to picture frames, I’m sure you’ll be able to pick some awesome ways to gift money out this coming holidays (or for different occasions all year round.)


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Watch the video tutorial below to learn the following. Share this with your friends and family – they might also need some ideas! 

#1 PEZ Dispenser

If you’re giving money to kids, a PEZ dispenser is a great idea to hide money before handing it to them. Just strategically fold the bill and place it inside.

Hide money in PEZ dispenser before gifting it
Image credits: Specific Love Creations via Youtube

#2 Books

This one is for book lovers. Grab an interesting title and store the bill on the pages.

#3 Plays

If you’re giving out bills to younger people, grab a Play-Doh, put a witty message on top, and then place the bills inside.

#4 Office Supplies

If you’re gifting out some school or office supplies, you can take one pen and wrap the bill on it. You can also apply this to crayons, pencils, etc.


#5 Nametags

If the person is old enough to remember what a VHS is, you can utilize this and hide the money in one of these things. Just put a nametag with a witty title, leaving a place underneath it – because that’s where you’ll hide the bill.

#6 Balloons

Roll up a bill and insert it into a straw, then place the straw into the mouth of a large balloon. Now, take a stick and push the bill inside the balloon, then blow air on it.

#7 Plants

If you’re gifting out a plant, attach a gift card or a bill to the little tag that comes with the plant.

#8 Pringles

Clean out an empty Pringles. Next, take a small piece of wood and glue a strip of paper on top. After this, fold the bills in quarters and tape them together with the paper strip. Now, glue the other side of the wood beneath the Pringles’ lid. Once done, just put the lid back on with the bills inside.

#9 Mason Jar

Grab an empty Mason jar and half-fill it with M&M’s or Skittles. Next, grab an empty toilet paper roll and insert it in the center. After this, fill it to the way up with M&M’s, making sure the toilet paper roll is hidden well. Insert the bills inside the roll, then close it with its lid.

#10 Picture Frame

Finally, one of the coolest ways to gift money is by literally framing it inside a picture frame.

Framing money in picture frames before gifting them
Image credits: Specific Love Creations via Youtube

10 Clever Ways to Hide Money in Gifts

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