10 Things You Never Think To Stockpile But Should

10 Things You Never Think To Stockpile But Should | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Aside from obvious things, have you ever wondered what else to stack to keep you ready for emergencies? This list from Finance Daily on YouTube will tell you the things that often people forget to stockpile. From reusable water filters to fire starters, I’m sure you’ll learn some that you definitely would want to add to your emergency kit.


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Learn the following by watching the video below, or continue reading down for the complete written list. 

#1 Outdoor Solar Lights

When the power’s out and flashlights are dead, outdoor solar lights are handy. They will store enough energy during the day and light you the whole night, especially during emergencies. They’re also eco-friendly and can be used as regular outdoor lighting.

Stocking outdoor solar lights for emergencies
Image credits: Finance Daily via YouTube

#2 Fire Starters

Don’t throw your dryer lints just yet, instead, store them and use them as a fire starter during emergencies. Dryer lints catch fire quickly and burn long enough to get your firewood going.

#3 Rocket Stove

In situations when resources are dire and you can’t waste firewood, a rocket stove comes into play. You’ll only need four cinder blocks to build one, and it will give you enough heat with less wood.

#4 Manual Can Opener

As you stack up canned goods for emergencies, you should also stack a couple of manual can openers.

#5 Feminine Hygiene

If you’re a lady, make sure that you have a stash of the right feminine hygiene products that can last you a decent amount of time.

#6 Water

While storing bottled water is good, you should stack up reusable water filters like LifeStraw. With something as compact and portable as this, you can drink from a stream, puddle, or pond and feel confident that the water you’re ingesting is clean.

#7 Seeds & Basic Gardening Tools

By having these products, you can start your own produce garden and grow your own vegetables and fruits whenever food becomes hard to come by already.

#8 Sturdy Shoes

A sturdy pair of shoes is paramount in times of emergencies. You don’t want to run on slippers or worn-out sneakers when you need to move quickly in dire situations.

#9 Books

When there’s a power outage and the internet is suddenly nowhere to be found, books will keep you entertained until the power comes back.

#10 Playing Cards

When the lights go out, cards will keep everyone entertained for hours.

Stacking play cards for emergencies
Image credits: Finance Daily via YouTube

10 Things You Never Think To Stockpile But Should

10 Things You Never Think To Stockpile But Should

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