10 Signs Your House Is Being Watched By Robbers

10 Signs Your House Is Being Watched By Robbers | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: BRIGHT SIDE via Youtube


Even the most observant people don’t always notice that robbers have already started to watch their homes. Worry no more, as these ten signs from BRIGHT SIDE on Youtube, will help you figure out if your house is being watched by robbers. Watch the video below to learn these.


#1 Missing garbage

Very often, people throw out papers containing important personal information: name, contact, number, credit card number, etc. This data is exactly what robbers need, that is why you should make it a habit to tear out papers with personal information.

Make it a habit to tear up papers that contain personal information when throwing them out.
Image credits: BRIGHT SIDE via Youtube

#2 Disappearance of your dog

Robbers resort to dognapping to get rid of your reliable dog. Dogs guarding a house are a burden for robbers that’s why they may try to get rid of the “guardian” by drawing it outside when the owners are not home.

#3 An empty gas tank

To prevent their potential victims from coming home earlier, robbers may drain the gasoline from their cars. So if you’re sure that you’re full tank yesterday but almost drain today, ask someone to keep an eye on your house until you get home.

#4 A new janitor

If you use the services of a cleaning company and you always see the same worker, the appearance of a new cleaner should worry you. Be extra cautious if the company itself didn’t inform you of the change.


#5 A broken window

Some criminals may throw stones at a car or a house window to check if the owners are at home and whether the alarm works.

#6 Problems with lights

How can you tell if someone has messed with your motion sensors? A slightly unscrewed light bulb that has not burned out is a signal that someone wants to sneak into your house unnoticed.

#7 Ads and stickers

Robbers mark easily accessible homes with the help of commercial flyers and simple stickers. Of course, sometimes a flyer is just a flyer but it’s still better to get rid of it right away.

#8 Strange marks

Erase any suspicious marks that appear on the door of your home, on garden lanterns, or simply near your home. It’s another method for robbers to mark houses that are easy to sneak into or houses whose owners are absent.

#9 Calls from unknown numbers

To find out what time the owners of a home are absent, robbers call the home phone and drop a call. If a small child picks up the phone, robbers can try to fish out information from them. Explain to your kids that they shouldn’t say anything to strangers.

#10 A broken lock

A malfunctioning lock or scratches on a door are signs that somebody has tried to get into your house. Take action right away: call the police, change the locks for more reliable ones, and think about installing an alarm.

When your door knob is malfunctioning or it has many scratches, a robber might tried to enter your house
Image credits: BRIGHT SIDE via Youtube

10 Signs Your House Is Being Watched By Robbers

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