10 Sewing Mistakes Beginners Make

10 Sewing Mistakes Beginners Make | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Are you just starting to learn how to sew? You must be aware of these 10 sewing mistakes beginners make! Let coolirpa guide you on the things you should and shouldn’t do when making your projects.

1 – Not cutting your pattern out on grain

On woven fabric, there is the warp which is the lengthwise grain that goes up and down. It is parallel to the selvage edge of the fabric. The crosswise grain, on the other hand, goes horizontal which is called the weft. Lastly, you have the bias that goes diagonally across. If you are using a commercial pattern, it will normally tell you the grain line.


2 – Not pressing your seams

Pressing your seams before the next step will allow you for more accurate sewing. It’s also going to give a very professional look even if your sewing isn’t perfect.

10 Sewing Mistakes Beginners Make Tips
Image by coolirpa via YouTube

3 – Forgetting to add seam allowance

If you forget to add seam allowance, your garment ends up being too small and tight.

4 – Not changing your sewing needle

Using the wrong needle for the fabric type you’re working with is one of the common mistakes beginners make. The higher the number, the thicker and heavier fabric you can sew. The lower the number, the finer the needle and the more lightweight fabric you can sew.

5 – Choosing the wrong fabric for your project

Make sure to study different fabrics to learn their properties and the common things people make out of them.


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6 – Sewing stretch fabric with a straight stitch

The problem with sewing a straight stitch on stretch fabric is that it doesn’t stretch with the fabric. This will make the seams pop when you try to put it on. Use the stretch stitch or lightning stitch instead.

10 Sewing Mistakes Beginners Make Tricks
Image by coolirpa via YouTube

7 – Not pinning and notching your fabric

Pinning and notching your fabric will save you trouble down the road if you take the time to do so.

8 – Forcing the fabric through the machine

Just gently guide the fabric, not force it, and make sure you are sewing straight on your seam line.

9 – Not double-checking your work

Measure twice, and cut once.

10 – Forgetting to backstitch

You should always backstitch at the beginning and at the very end to finish off your seam. This will finish your seam so it doesn’t just unravel.


10 Sewing Mistakes Beginners Make

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