10 Pro Game-Changing Sewing Tips

10 Pro Game-Changing Sewing Tips | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: The Last Stitch via YouTube


Unlock the secrets to sewing success with these ten pro sewing tips from The Last Stich on YouTube! Whether you’re looking to streamline your workflow, achieve professional-looking finishes, or troubleshoot common sewing dilemmas, this video tutorial has got you covered. Get ready to elevate your sewing game and unleash your creativity like never before.


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Ready to know the secrets? Watch the video below to learn the following tips, or continue reading down for the complete written list.


To make the waistband as neat-looking inside as the outside, just put washable double-sided tape on the seam allowance and fold it inwards. Press it, then do a stop stitch over it.

Attaching a tape in the seam line to make a perfect seam
Image credits: The Last Stitch via YouTube


Mark dots and pleats seamlessly without using tracing paper by piercing some tiny holes inside the seam of a pleat, then cut some snippets at the edge of the fabric where the mark should be.


To make razor-sharp pockets for your jeans, put the paper template above your fabric pocket piece, then press around the edges.


Use a piece of Lego to help you sew straight in your sewing machine. Just attach it to the sewing machine using double-sided tape and you’re good to go.


Avoid stretching out the upper lace when sewing slinky fabrics such as silk by gently moving the upper layer of the fabric towards the presser foot when you’re stitching. Use this whenever you’re top stitching or hemming.


Use a paper template when you’re top-stitching a zipper. This will save you time from marking. You can also reuse the same template over and over again for your future projects.


Quilt Runner is not just only for quilters as it will also help you sew straight.


If you’re having a hard time finding the exact color of your thread, just use a regular 30-thread but two spools. You can also bind two bobbins and put them on top of each other.


By using water-soluble tape, you can control the hem in a great way. Just attach the tape on the inside of the hem you folded up, and stitch over. This will help control the fabric and result in a much nicer hem.


To return a fabric to its original shape, use finger-pressing. Place your index finger behind the presser foot, then press a fold of the fabric towards the presser foot while you’re also sewing.

Returning the fabric back to its original shape
Image credits: The Last Stitch via YouTube

10 Pro Game-Changing Sewing Tips

10 Pro Game-Changing Sewing Tips

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