10 Modern Quilting Tips To Make Your Life Easier

10 Modern Quilting Tips To Make Your Life Easier | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: ISeeStarsQuilting via Youtube


Whether you are new to quilting or a seasoned one, I’m sure you’ll get a thing or two from these quilting tips from ISeeStarsQuilting on Youtube. I’m a quilting beginner myself, and I’m thankful I discovered this helpful list. I’m trying to apply these tips to my routine so they will become a habit. If you also want to try incorporating these helpful tips into your quilting habit, watch the video below to learn the following. 


#1 Collect

Don’t collect everything, instead, collect things that you really love.

Get inspiration for the quilt pattern you'll do
Image credits: ISeeStarsQuilting via Youtube

#2 Timeout Corner

This space will serve as your resting area whenever you’re getting overwhelmed with your quilt project.

#3 Make a Friend

Make a friend who understands and supports what you do or has the same hobby as you.

#4 Make a Like-To-Go Bag

If you travel with your sewing machine frequently, make a to-go bag with all of your tools in it.

#5 Make Friends with Your Seam Ripper

Don’t get frustrated, instead, learn how to properly use your seam ripper so you can utilize it for your projects.


#6 Being a Perfectionist

When starting a quilt project, don’t stress yourself too much over a quilt that isn’t going to be a show quilt.

#7 Change Your Tools

Make it a habit to change your rotary blade to get precise cuts. You should also change your sewing machine needle regularly.

#8 Follow the Pattern

Do what the pattern tells you to do.

#9 Get Good At Cutting

Practice and get better at cutting precise cuts with your rotary cutter.

#10 Inspiration

When picking out a pattern, pick something that inspires you.

Don't collect quilting things
Image credits: ISeeStarsQuilting via Youtube

10 Modern Quilting Tips To Make Your Life Easier

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