10 Genius Ideas Of Marie Kondo For An Ideal Home

10 Genius Ideas Of Marie Kondo For An Ideal Home | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: OrgaNatic via Youtube


Our home should be our own sanctuary, and therefore we should always keep it in order. These ten best Marie Kondo tips of all time from OrgaNatic on Youtube will put your space in order once and for all. These tips will help you make your home an ideal space and make it clutter-free and organized. Learn these tips by watching the video below.


#1 Only keep items that “spark joy”

Everything you have at home and everything you use should give you the thrill of excitement and make your life brighter, and the rest should be purged. Moreover, if you only keep the items that spark joy, cleaning will be easier and quicker since there would be fewer items that have to be moved or cleaned when you wash floors or dust. Choosing items this way means that after you finish decluttering, you will only be surrounded by items that make you happy.

Keep things only that sparks joy
Image credits: OrgaNatic via Youtube

#2 Remove labels where possible

Often when you keep food in its original packaging, the labels on it create “informational noise.” And even if your home is neat, it might still feel cluttered when you have a lot of items with information written on them. If you instead place food into a food container, you can remove the “noise” these labels can create in your home.

#3 Use clear boxes to store your stuff

The main idea is that you can quickly see what’s in the boxes without even moving them or taking the lids off. And even in transparent boxes, you can store everything vertically because the vertical folding technique makes everything easy to spot and hard to mess up.

#4 Vertical storage

Marie Kondo recommends vertical storage for basically everything from clothes to papers. If you arrange things vertically you will never forget what you possess. Moreover, it helps return items back to their spot with ease. Clothes folded this way also take up much less space.


#5 Store items based on the frequency of use

All items we need regularly should be kept where you can easily access them, while things we don’t often use should be stored in hard-to-reach places. This simple rule allows us to use the available space smarter.

#6 Organize things by size

Items with similar uses and of similar sizes should go together. For example, just imagine if you put together something from the same category but in different sizes. In this case, the tiniest of your possessions can easily get lost or become harder to find. Therefore, it is reasonable to pay attention to the size of the object and separate the small items from the big ones.

#7 A new way of hanging

Color code your clothes. Start with the darkest shades from the left, gradually making your way to lighter colors hanging them to the right. While also storing long, dark, and heavy items in the back drawers and bringing the light and short clothing up front.

#8 Every item needs a home

You need to designate a specific place for each item. Only then you can keep your space tidy. For sorting drawers and shelves, you can use different dividers. It can be either special dividers or containers or even standard shoe boxes.

#9 Tidy up by category, not by location

Marie Kondo believes that tidying up every room separately is a fatal mistake. It is better to sort all the things you have by category and then decide what you keep and what you lose. Follow this exact order of categories: clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous stuff, and sentimental items.

#10 First declutter, then organize

It will be much more efficient and quicker to let go of everything you don’t need first, and only then start organizing your space in one go.

Declutter first, then organize according to Marie Kondo
Image credits: OrgaNatic via Youtube

10 Genius Ideas Of Marie Kondo For An Ideal Home

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