10 DIY Ways to Warm Your Home in Winter

10 DIY Ways to Warm Your Home in Winter | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: MrFixItDIY via Youtube


Your energy bill could blow up during Winter as you need your heater running most of the time. But thanks to MrFixItDIY on YouTube, you can actually lower your energy bill, even on the coldest day of the Winter. 


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I applied some of these tips in my home, and – believe it or not; they’re effective and useful. Check out the video below to learn the following, or continue reading down to read the full written list.

#1 Install Plastic Window Insulation

Measure your window first, then cut the plastic slightly larger than the size of your window opening. Next, go all the way around the window frame with the double-sided tape, then put the plastic around the frame, securing it with the double-sided tape. Seal the plastic by going over it with the heat setting of your blow dryer.

Installing plastic window insulation
Image credits: MrFixItDIY via Youtube

#2 Seal Gaps with Spray Foam

Seal around electrical outlets on exterior walls with spray foam.

#3 Change Ceiling Fan Direction

Make your home warmer by reversing the direction of your ceiling fan.

#4 Lower Water Heater Temperature

Lowering your water heater temperature by a few degrees will still be hot for you, especially with the super cold temperature brought by Winter. This will also help you lower your energy bill.


#5 Change Your Furnace Air Filters

Change it regularly making sure the air quality in your home is better.

#6 Install Weatherstripping

Poorly installed weatherstripping around doors is a huge culprit when it comes to drafts flowing in. So make sure to check weatherstripping regularly or install if you don’t have one.

#7 Use Door Sweeps and Draft Guards

Use these on your doors to help keep heat in and cold out.

#8 Install a Smart Thermostat

Setting a schedule and lowering the temperature in your home when you’re not around can lower your energy bill.

#9 Close Chimney Flues & Add Cover

When not in use, close your chimney flues and consider adding an insulated cover to the fireplace.

#10 Replace Fireplace with Wood Stove

Modern fireplace inserts and woodstoves provide heat more efficiently than a traditional fireplace, cutting down your energy costs.

Replacing traditional fireplace with a modern one
Image credits: MrFixItDIY via Youtube

10 DIY Ways to Warm Your Home in Winter

10 DIY Ways to Warm Your Home in Winter

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