10 Camping Tips That Take The Rough Out Of Camping…

10 Camping Tips That Take The Rough Out Of Camping… | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Camping? Going to the great outdoors. Whether you are an expert camper or a novice, like me, anyone can use a little camping hacks, tips and tricks. Learn the best way to store eggs, or see how much light expands when you create a lantern out of a gallon jug (no cutting required!) You might love these tips so much you are taking some of them camping, to the beach or your next picnic.


I believe that all of us campers want ideas that will make it easier when we’re out in the wilderness and Destination Tips have some great ideas to do just that!

  1. Plastic gallon jug to attach a light to, creating more light.
  2. Microfiber wash clothes because they will retain the moisture so you can use them to cleanse.
  3. Build a DIY shower by picking up a solar heated portable shower at the camping supply store and fill it up and you can use a beach wind breaker to make a shower booth.
  4. Use foam floor tiles made for children’s play rooms can make the ground cozy for your tent.
  5. Use sage to shoo away mosquitos. You can either apply a homemade sage based oil or simply burn it near your campfire to keep the mosquitos away.
  6. Make a make shift washing machine by using a bucket with a hole cut into the lid and sliding a plunger in to use as an agitator to wash your clothes.
  7. Make a DIY fire starter by placing charcoal into an empty egg carton and simply light it for an easy to start fire.
  8. Make some tick repellent with garlic, neem oil, rose geranium oil and tea tree oil to keep away those pests on the run.
  9. Keep eggs in a water bottle by getting an empty water bottle and filling it with pre-wisked eggs and you’ll always be ready to cook scrambled eggs.
  10. If you’re camping with a partner a two person sleeping bag takes up less space.

Watch this step by step tutorial by Destination Tips so you can be prepared for your next camping trip!




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