1-Minute Clean And Deodorize Cutting Board

1-Minute Clean And Deodorize Cutting Board | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Clean My Space via YouTube


This cleaning hack by Clean My Space on YouTube shows how to clean and deodorize a cutting board with only 2 ingredients in just a few minutes. A cutting board is hard to tell how dirty it is because even though it might look clean, there might be bacteria lingering around in the wooden boards. So, it’s important to deodorize cutting boards here and there instead of just using dish soap and a sponge. It still works, but deep cleaning a cutting board once a month would be worth it. There’s this video that I watched from TikTok where there’s a build-up of oils in the wood and it comes out really dirty when they soak it in hot boiling water. Sometimes wood disguises the dirtiness of an object. It makes me rethink the times I just rinse my cutting boards with water.



  • kosher salt
  • lemon


First, squeeze half a lemon onto the cutting board. Then, add coarse kosher salt on top. Use the squeezed lemon peel to scrub and let it sit for 10 minutes.

How To Clean A Cutting Board - DIY Cleaning - 1 Minute Cleaning - Kitchen Cleaning
Image by Clean My Space via YouTube

Next, take the other half of lemon and squeeze it on top of the salt mixture then scrub again. Take the cutting board to the sink and rinse it off with water. Wipe and pat the cutting board to dry.

How To Deep Clean a cutting. board - how to deodorize a cutting board - wooden cutting board cleaning tips
Image by Clean My Space via YouTube

Overall, this is a great and inexpensive cleaning tip to consider that’s highly effective to clean and deodorize a cutting board. I would have to try this out and on my other wooden products such as wooden spoons and other utensils. I love how quick and simple this cleaning tutorial is with simple step-by-step instructions. 1-minute cleaning videos are more manageable to watch when it’s straightforward because they tell you how to get the job done without the banter.

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