Put Those Old Tires To Use With These 25 Upcycling Tricks

Put Those Old Tires To Use With These 25 Upcycling Tricks | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

When I think of upcycling projects I want to fill my home with, tires weren’t something I originally considered as a prime repurpose-worthy material. However, this list of tire projects changed my ways. I love how creative and crafty these makers got with these DIY ideas. The rainbow of colors these makers painted their projects makes these rugged, masculine materials with a classic vintage look.


My favorites of these tire projects are the chairs and stools. The stools that they wrapped in multi-colored ropes are truly inspired and do not read like tires in the least bit! Of course, the planters are also a stroke of DIY genius. I’ve already begun gathering all the materials I’ll need for the hanging planter featured in this video.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor decor, some DIY furniture to spruce up your space, or colorful planters to fill your home with some leafy love this video has a plethora of upcycling ideas you can make for little to no cost!

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