Genius Uses For Bread Tags That Most People Have Never Thought Of. Watch!

Genius Uses For Bread Tags That Most People Have Never Thought Of. Watch! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Some of these things that they use bread tags seem like no brainers, but have you ever thought about doing these clever things with them? Me neither, but I have already started using them.

I had a whole bunch of these bread tags. I’m not sure what I was saving them for, but I’m glad I did. Now I can put them to good use!


I can’t believe that these little plastic squares could actually help me with getting organized. All of my cords around my TV and Internet were a mess and many times when I needed to unplug a particular cord it was always a hassle to try and figure out which cord was which!

Now I have all of my cords labeled with these little bread tags and love it! It just gives me a sense of being more put together…or shall I say organized?

These ideas are brilliant and when I saw this video I was wondering why none of these ideas ever occurred to me!

One of these tips that was significant to me was putting bread tags on the underside of flip flops to keep the thong part from pulling through the hole. That’s always been an issue for me since I wear a lot of flip flops the minute it starts getting warm…they’re my go to shoes!

You can watch all of these clever bread tag uses on the video attached below.


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